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Apple stops ordering Mac computer parts?

Rumours are gathering that computing giant Apple has put a stop to component orders from suppliers for its Mac computer line-up. The report from says that a number of suppliers have been left wondering what Apple’s next move is and when it will resume those component orders. Sources in the report claim that Apple […]

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PC graphics card prices on the rise

If you’re in the market to for a new graphics card for your PC, you might want to get in quick. According to a report by Taiwanese news source,, graphics card makers are increasing prices for cards using DDR3 memory. The increase is said to come on the back of increased prices for DDR3 […]

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HP disputes Oracle over Intel Itanium future

Our story on Oracle joining Microsoft and Red Hat in discontinuing support for Intel’s Itanium platform drew a swift response from Hewlett-Packard, questioning Oracle over its reasons in pulling the pin on Intel’s enterprise platform technology. HP released a statement on March 23 in response to Oracle saying that it plans to continue to Itanium […]

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Intel mobile platform chief quits

The man who led Intel’s Centrino development and brought us the Atom chip has resigned, Intel said today. In a brief announcement, the company said that Anand Chandresekher, general manager of Intel’s Ultra Mobile Group (UMG) will be leaving the company to persue other interests. His place will be taken by two vice-presidents of Intel’s […]

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Intel Sandy Bridge woes hurt Taiwanese notebook makers

Intel’s processor woes earlier this year have come back to bite Taiwan notebook makers with major falls in shipments. The flaw inside the chipset’s SATA controller forced the chip giant into a worldwide recall, leaving notebook makers reeling. According to news website, Quanta Computer and Wistron, two of the world’s major notebook suppliers to […]

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