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Samsung says no spyware on notebooks

Korean giant Samsung has hit back at claims that secret spyware was installed on R525 notebooks, saying security software used to test the notebooks mistook a folder for the keylogger software StarLogger. Samsung’s Australian PR released the following announcement a few moments ago. Reports that a keylogger was installed in Samsung laptops are not true. […]

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Intel Sandy Bridge woes hurt Taiwanese notebook makers

Intel’s processor woes earlier this year have come back to bite Taiwan notebook makers with major falls in shipments. The flaw inside the chipset’s SATA controller forced the chip giant into a worldwide recall, leaving notebook makers reeling. According to news website, Quanta Computer and Wistron, two of the world’s major notebook suppliers to […]

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Intel’s Cougar Point flaw affects desktops and notebooks

The SATA-controller flaw in Intel’s Cougar Point chipset affects notebooks and desktops. We checked today with local notebook maker Pioneer Computers, who confirmed to us that Sandy Bridge notebooks are also affected by the flaw and that it had yet to be contacted by Intel Australia over how warranty claims will be processed. Having recently […]

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REVIEW: Dell Adamo 13 notebook PC

Dell Adamo Thirteen Rating: 7.5 Price: $1499 Contact: Dell Phone: 1800 812 393 Web: Solid-state hard drives (SSDs) have struggled to get down in price to a level where you see them regularly in consumer-grade notebooks however, Dell may be starting the trend with this new Adamo Thirteen model. It’s a very slim but […]

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Standardised notebook power bricks on the way – finally

Wouldn’t it be great if you lost your notebook power brick or somehow it was damaged that you could just walk into a computer shop and pick up an off-the-shelf replacement? Current notebook computers use a range of voltages and current ratings that requires numerous power bricks to be available and that makes standardised power […]

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