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Opera Mini reaches 100 million users? Sweeet!

Web browser Opera Mini has clocked up its 100 millionth user, the Norwegian-based developer Opera Software announced today. The response from CEO Lars Boilesen? “Sweeeet!”. In a press statement, the company clarified the statement after it announced in February that the 100 million user had been logged for its two mobile browsers. “They sure did; […]

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Internet Explorer best HTML5 browser so far: W3C

Talk to web designers and most will have tales to tell of getting their fancy websites to work well with Internet Explorer 6. Some have even gone as far as to call for IE6 to be banned. So it’s a turn up for the books that the web browser that most adheres to the current […]

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New Opera 10.60 Beta released – 50% faster on Javascript

Opera Software, developers of the Opera web browser, have released the first beta of its new 10.60 version with claims of as much as 75% more speed on Javascript-based code. Well, we think it’s 75%. The company’s press release say 50% but the website says 75%. We’ll let you try it out and see which […]

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