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Quad-core tablets now hitting China for $98

While Chinese mainland brands have been punching out low-cost tablets for what seems like years, it took Google’s ground-breaking Nexus 7 tablet to knock prices down to affordable levels. Since then, every man plus dog has been moving sub-$200 tablets. But now, thanks to a number of new low-cost quad-core ARM processors based on the […]

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Why Android is good – and bad – for smartphones and tablets

Google is probably the one brand Apple is keeping more than just a weather-eye on at the moment. Despite basking in the glory of its latest iPad release, is it possible the iconic brand is just keeping the home fires burning long enough to make Google cosy in the top chair? Google’s meteoric rise in […]

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Intel Sandy Bridge woes hurt Taiwanese notebook makers

Intel’s processor woes earlier this year have come back to bite Taiwan notebook makers with major falls in shipments. The flaw inside the chipset’s SATA controller forced the chip giant into a worldwide recall, leaving notebook makers reeling. According to news website, Quanta Computer and Wistron, two of the world’s major notebook suppliers to […]

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ASUS to ship up to 2million tablets in 2011: report

While rumours of three new Apple iPhones are getting almost as much airplay as the new iPad 2, the tablet market looks set to make some major inroads into the PC mainstream in 2011. The latest report from online source, Taiwanese notebook and PC component specialist ASUStek is planning on shipping up to two […]

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Don’t buy an Android tablet – yet

There are plenty of Android tablets available already and if you’re itching to get your hands on one, stick your hands in your pocket, sit on them if you have to but whatever you do, wait. Current Android tablets are turning up with 1024×600-pixel screens – basically the equivalent of 10-inch netbook screens. The problem […]

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