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No Thunderbolt for PCs until 2012: MSI

With Intel and Apple announcing the release of the new Thunderbolt interface on new Apple MacBook Pros last week, the obvious question is how long before we see Intel deliver it on the PC platform. We asked Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer MSI’s local Australian office and a spokesperson believed that Intel “does not expect to see […]

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HOW TO – Run Ubuntu 10.04 on a virtual machine in Windows XP, Vista or 7

If you’ve thought about trying Ubuntu or its lower-grunt-requiring sibling, Xubuntu, but haven’t had a spare PC to throw it on and you have wanted to do more than use a live CD, one simple way is to build a virtual PC. A virtual PC is basically a PC made entirely out of software. To […]

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10 free apps you can install on any Windows PC

1. VLC media player Load with lots of audio and video codecs, VLC is the one media player that doesn’t really need a codec pack to make it work. Not only that, it also has other tricks up its sleeve including DVD playback and even DVD playback with menus direct from ISO rips. (No need […]

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